Snowboard & Ski Servicing

Snowboards & Skis Servicing Procedure:

  • Base is cleaned using a specialist proprietary agent to remove old wax.
  • The edges are de-bured then sharpened to help get those edges dug in.
  • The base is hot waxed using quality wax and a waxing iron.
  • The wax is left to cool and dry, this allows the base to absord the wax.
  • Once cooled the excess wax is removed using a hand scrapper.
  • With excess wax removed and cooled, the base is buffed with a microfibre cloth.

We also repair gouges and scrapes in the base, they can be quoted once we have seen the damage.

Snowboard Service
£35.00per Board
Ski Service
£40.00per Pair of Skis

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