Eovolt 24″ Semi Folding Electric Bike


The Eovolt Evening is a compact dutch style step through e-bike with semi folding features which makes it a very unique bike in the market. 2023 also sees Eovolt ebikes move to using more intuitive torque sensors which results in a much improved ride feel. Torque sensors deliver the assistance based on the pressure being put through the pedals so the system only gives you full motor assistance when you actually need it which also delivers improved battery efficiency particularly on flatter rides. The folding cockpit and pedals provides a great storage solution for a full step through e bike , no more handlebars and pedals protruding into your hallway or where ever you store your bike. It also makes it a lot easier to stowaway on your bike rack on the back of your car or motorhome. The larger frame and wheels with the 250w motor in addition to the torque sensor for 2023 adds to the effortless ride feel and will easily deal with any hill that is on your route.


Wheel Size: 24″ Aluminium
Dimensions: 178 cm x 115 cm
Folded Dimensions: 178 cm x 80 cm x 30 cm
Frame: Hand Polished Welds, Aluminium 6061
Fork: Hand Polished Welds, Aluminium 6061
Motor: 36V, 250W Brushless Motor, 40NM
Battery: SAMSUNG Lithium, 36V, 10.5 Ah, 378wh


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